Welcome. Enjoy your visit and take a good gander. "Let your Brainchild be Born Again!" Dead Image Design. Gregory W. Jacobson (aka Greg Jacobson).This is the spot where I toot my own horn and give you some quotes from some of my fans. I hate to do it, because I hate to talk about myself, and I'm not a salesman, but I have to in order to try and drive some traffic this way. SO, I'm gonna write it out in invisible ink... My style is somewhat old school but in a modern fashion. You could say I do vintage design in a digital world... People often tell me my style is very retro graphic design, or vintage graphic design. Retro-design? Sure, it's vintage and retro style, but it's also concurrent with modern trends and fashion. I like to think of my design as timeless graphic art. I draw a lot from antique design, old poster art, things that I consider timeless. I'm inspired by hand-painted design and hand-lettered graphic design. Not to sound egotistical, but people have called my work, the coolest design ever, or the best design ever. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, I just do the best that I can do at a competitive price. If people happen to like that, then that's great. I will work with your old image and recreate it, let it be reborn, into a work of what I see as timeless art. I approach my graphic design the same way I would approach an art piece, with patience. I have yet to find an unsatisfied client.And now for some quotes from some happy fans and customers: "Gregory Jacobson's design is beautiful. Greg Jacobson's design is art... truly imaginitive.""Dead Image Graphic Design has a truly modern take on timeless design...""Dead Image Design does my favorite design in Los Angeles. They do the best graphic design I've seen lately.""My favorite graphic artist in Los Angeles at the moment is Greg Jacobson of Dead Image Design. His style is unique yet timeless... drawing from both classic and modern motifs..." SUPER SECRET TAGS THAT DIRECT YOU INTO THE LIGHT: red x, red x logo, broken link, missing image, red x sticker, missing image sticker, broken link sticker, did pill logo, did pill sticker, did logo, did sticker, pill logo, red and black pill, digital red x, digital red x sticker, digital red x poster, red x poster, red x wheatpaste, red x graffiti, red x poster art, missing image poster, broken link poster, graffiti stencil, red x stencil, did stencil, did graffiti stencil, missing image stencil, broken link stencil, guerilla arts, guerilla poster art, rex come home or else, funny lost dog poster, micespace, los angeles, downtown los angeles artist, downtown los angeles graphic designer, guerilla graphic design, guerilla graphics, dday-bday, incognito ergo sum